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School Council

School Council

Our school council consists of 2 elected members from each class. The council meets with Mrs Goodall to discuss different aspects of school life and how we can make improvements. So far this term we have:


* Reviewed and discussed how we feel about the introduction of, ‘Dojo points’. Children enjoy seeing the instant reward and hearing the points go in!

* Decided on our favourite ‘class time’ activities. Lego and colouring are the most popular activities at the moment. 

* Promoted and advertised a charity cake sale by designing posters to inform children and staff about the event.

* Designed new CLIC badges

School Council Autumn Term 2

The council meets with Mrs Goodall to discuss different aspects of school life and how we can make improvements. This half term our newly elected School Council members have been very busy. So far this half term we have:


* Decided on a name for our PSHE focus week – Friendship Week.

* Attended a special lunch with our school caterers. In preparation for this Council members spoke with their classmates about the school dinners; gathering information on their favourite meals, meals they would like to see on the menu and their feelings on the lunchtime experience. The school caterers were thrilled to hear the children’s comments and suggestions. 

* Designed new CLIC badges to promote our CLIC values. These will be introduced in the Spring Term

Spring Term – School Council Blog

We began the start of the Spring Term like always, with class elections; children that wanted to be part of school council put their names forward and their peers took part in a  democratic vote. 

We’ve had a busy term! The School Council spent the first few weeks carrying out a Learning Walk- looking at the school environment, deciding what they liked and what they would like to change. We explored each classroom and the surrounding areas. All members were in agreement about the, ‘colourful displays that help us with our learning.’ They also liked how, ‘good learning was shared on displays’, as it ‘encourages similar learning and praises effort.’ Some members mentioned that they, ‘would like to see role play areas in every classroom.’ They then went further and came up with a great solution, ‘if classrooms don’t have the space for their own role play areas then they could share.’ Great feedback!


As Easter celebrations drew nearer the School Council members asked their peers how they would like to celebrate Easter. The general consensus was: singing and craft making. We hope you enjoyed the Easter crafts that the children brought home. 

A huge thank you to our Spring Term School Council members! We are ready to elect some new members for the Summer Term.

School Council Summer Term Blog

This Term we welcomed our newly elected school council members and were thrilled to have the involvement of the Year R children.

We started the term by helping the Year R members settle into their role; the Year 2 members were particularly helpful. 

All members helped to carry out a pupil survey designed to generate the children’s thoughts and feelings on day to day life in school. 

In preparation for Sports Week School Council voted for the sports they thought their peers would enjoy. Some great choices!

I would like to thank all of the school council members this year for dedicating their time and efforts for the benefit of the school. They have been great ambassadors!

Mrs Goodall