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Internet safety-resources to support staying safe on line


Hedgehogs E safety charter

Enjoy communicating with people you know.


Search the internet with an adult.


Always let an adult know when you are online.


Fibbing is not safe to do online so tell the truth.


Everyone needs to keep themselves and others safe.


To only play games which are the right age for you.


You should always keep personal information private.


Field Mice Internet Safety Charter

To stay safe online we will do the following things:


  • Never give our details to anyone online e.g. our name, address, age.


  • Be polite to other users in chat rooms or online games.


  • Only use search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo) with an adult’s permission.


  • If we see or hear anything that makes us upset, we will turn the computer off and tell an adult (parent, teacher).



These rules will help to keep you safe when using the computers and the Internet at school so that using the Internet is fun and rewarding for everyone!

Enjoy the internet responsibly

Stay safe on ALL Devices

Always check with an adult

Find fun games for the right age

Everyone be kind to each other

Tell an adult if you are worried

Your password and username are just for you