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Uniform letter

Friday 1st December 2017

Dear families,


We would like to thank you for your amazing response in helping us to choose a new school uniform colour and logo. Thank you for the time and effort spent in supporting us with this and giving us your thoughts. Every idea and suggestion from families, children, staff and Governors has been taken into account as part of our consultation. As the children had a clear favourite for colour, this was the deciding factor.


We are pleased to tell you that our new school uniform colour will be purple and will therefore consist of:


Grey trousers or shorts

Grey skirt or pinafore

Purple checked summer dress

White polo shirt

Purple school jumper (with or without logo)

Smart black shoes


We have liaised with local uniform suppliers, including the supermarkets, who have confirmed that this will be available through local shops.


When designing our new logo we wanted it to reflect the school’s vision ‘Together we can CLIC’. The most popular suggestions to include in the new design were children, CLIC, learning, friendship and playing. These have all been incorporated into the new design, which all of our children have had an input into choosing. Our thanks to the school council for leading the design process.

The timeline for phasing in the new uniform is set out below:


Easter 2018– The school will begin using the new logo on letterheads etc. For children in all year groups as and when uniform needs to be replaced, this will be in our new uniform.


September 2018 – Children starting in Year R will all be wearing our new uniform.


September 2020 – The whole school will be wearing our new uniform, as this will have grown through the school.


Once again please be clear that there is no expectation for children already in our school to replace existing uniform until you would naturally be doing so anyway.


  1. are very much looking forward to launching our new colour and logo in the coming months. know that these changes will help the children have a sense of pride in their uniform and will have a positive impact on well being and learning.


Thank you for your ongoing support.




Cara Head



This is our new school logo: