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School Council

School Council

Our school council consists of 2 elected members from each class. The council meets with Miss Williams to discuss different aspects of school life and how we can make improvements. The Autumn term was a busy one for the school council! The school council have


* Created brand new School Council badges so everyone in school knows who we are

* Designed new CLIC badges – and we chose Dojo characters!

* Created a display to share with the school which shows who we are and what we do

* Discussed the colour of the new school jumpers

* Listened to feedback about what our school logo should include and then used his to design a new logo

* Asked our classes to vote on the best logo and fed this information back to

Mrs. Head

* Become buddy’s for children when outside who are in need of a friend to play with

* Made Christmas decorations and visited Royal Victoria Country Park to decorate our school’s tree

* Made Christmas cards to say thank you to our hard working Governors

* Made Christmas cards to say thank you to our amazing volunteers.


Now it is Spring we will be electing new school council members in class. The new school council will be discussing what books we want in the library, what the CLIC token box looks like and what CLIC treat we should have once we have filled up the CLIC token box.