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The Children's Guides - (the staff)



GREAT GUIDES are defined by our Learning and Teaching Policy

Great Guides  are adults that guide the children during their adventure. Great guides will use an extensive range of techniques to guide the children to ensure they all reach the destination. You will see, during the learning adventures, guides instructing, questioning, feeding back, modelling, challenging and giving appropriate support.  Guides may also give some children extra guidance if they are struggling with the adventure or struggling with basic skills needed to reach the destination.

(Full policy can be found in Policies and Reports)


Senior Leadership Team

Whole School

Mrs Cara Head

(currently on maternity leave)


and Designated Safeguarding Lead.


Mrs Karen Lewis

      Head of School, Inclusion Leader, SEN,

Vulnerable Children and

 Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Morris

Assistant Headteacher/Year 1 leader

Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Assessment and Assessment for learning



Year Group Leaders


Year R

Mrs Vidler

( Year R leader, Otters class and Geography leader )

Year 1

Mrs Morris 

(Year 1 team leader, Owl class, PSHE, Growth Mindset Champion and school council Leader)

Year 2

Mrs Hutchings

(Year 2 team leader, Field Mice class, Maths and Offsite and educational visits Leader)

Teaching Team

(includes those above)

Year R

Mrs Vidler (0.6)/Mrs Atwell (History) (0.4)

(Otters class )

Mrs Davison (PE, RE, SMSC and BV Leader)

(Badgers class )

Miss Power (Science and Music Leader)

(Rabbits class)

Year 1

Mrs Morris/Mrs Harvey

(Owls class )

Miss Creasey

(Foxes class )

Miss Hamilton

(Kingfishers class, English Leader)

Year 2


Mrs Hutchings

(Field Mice)

Mr Anderson

(Hedgehogs class and Computing Leader )

Mr Stott

(Squirrels class and SEMH Lead) 


Premises Team

Mr Exell - Site Manager

Mrs Worley

Mrs S Lewis

Mrs Broomfield



Admin  Team

Mrs Willetts Finance Manager and Data Protection Officer, 

Mrs Fowler Senior Admin Assistant

and Miss A Lewis Admin Assistant.






Teaching Assistant Team

Year R

   Mrs Worley, Mrs Skinner and Miss Mitchell.

Year 1

 Mrs  Stubbs, Miss S Rixon and Mrs H Stephens.

Year 2

Mrs Stubbs, Miss Hutchison, Miss Kennett, Miss Amos-Smith,

Miss Woodhouse, Miss Woodgate and Mrs Webb



Mrs Stubbs


Emotional Literacy

Mrs K Lewis



Mrs Fowler



Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Lewis.

Lunchtime Team

Ms Swaffield, Mrs Kill, Mrs S Lewis, Mrs Hutchison, Miss Kennett, Miss G Amos-Smith, Mrs H Stephen,

Miss Woodgate, Mrs Woodhouse, Mrs Rixon,

Mrs Hall and Mrs Chaffers.

Lunchtime Play Leader