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Year 1 and Year 2 Curriculum

If you would like to find out more about our school curriculum then please contact the school.  Alternatively, the following website contains information about the National Curriculum which we plan our school curriculum from



Netley Abbey Infant School Curriculum Statement


At NAIS we follow the National Curriculum, however it is enriched and complimented by our vision and values. The core purpose of our curriculum is to enable all in our school to ‘CLIC’, this means being a ‘confident Communicator, great Learner, Improving our health and being members of a positive Community’.


To enable that to happen we ensure that our curriculum:


  • Is meaningful ,purposeful and linked to children’s current and future lives, including rich cross curricular learning

    Is personalised to capture and ignite a love of learning and awe and wonder to make it irresistible.

    • Promotes rights and responsibilities

    • Promotes and fosters a Growth Mindset

  • Is built on prior learning to ensure the journey takes children as far as possible

  • Is driven by assessment for learning by adults and children so all learning is valuable

  • Gives opportunities to be imaginative and explore their own creativity

  • Allows children to have ownership of their learning developing skills which they can practise and apply in context

  • Provides children with a range of opportunities and life experiences they may not otherwise have e.g seeing live productions

  • Makes use of local, national and international links and events



    We do this through a curriculum that includes:


  • Learning Adventures!

  • Hooks

  • Highlights

  • Outcomes

  • Learning Characters (Team Tigers, Asking Ant, Resilient Rhino, Communications Chameleon, Emotions Elephant, Problem Solving Penguin)

  • Child led opportunities in all year groups (Discovery, Explorer and Adventure Time)

  • Enhancements to our curriculum through a wide and varied range of after school and lunchtime clubs, visitors in, trips out enrichment opportunities during the school day

  • ‘Green supreme’ and ‘Think pink’ marking and feedback as immediately as possible and usually at the point of learning


    Phonics is taught following the Letters and Sounds order, using Read, Write, Inc resources to support. Handwriting is taught using the Kinetic Letters scheme and RE is taught through the Hampshire Living Difference 111 syllabus. The Learning Destination is the focus for learning with variation for most and full differentiation, for those children that need it, the method used to get there! Variation will include deeper learning opportunities for those that are ready to apply their skills at a greater depth.


    Please see our individual subject statements to find out more about coverage in all areas of learning.