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Year 1 Learning Adventures




The school uses Read Write Inc and Letters and Sounds to teach phonics.


We learn lots of interesting things and many different skills that help us learn in Year 1.  Our GUIDES (teachers) and US plan many different LEARNING ADVENTURES about things we are interested in and things we want to learn about.



Please see the gallery of photos below to see some of the amazing adventures we have had so far.


If you come and visit you will find us working in small groups and learning in different ways. You will see us learning outside, in the classroom, on our own or with an adult.


In the first half-term we have the same kind of learning adventures as we did in Year F.  Our Guides also spend a lot of time watching what and how we learn, they also talk to us a lot and really listen to what we say. This helps them get to know us as individuals and know what we need to learn next.


In order for us to learn our Maths and English skills our Guides plan whole mornings of activities. This allows us to learn the skills in lots of different ways, work with our guide and have time to really enjoy learning these skills.  The activities include some that are specially designed for us to learn how to share our ideas with each other, work together, be resilient and solve problems, so we can try and be like our LEARNING ANIMALS.


In the afternoons we learn other skills that help us learn about our world around us, the past, how to be creative, make music and control our bodies. We also have daily reading time when our teacher shares a story and we talk about it.


If you do visit then you will be very welcome and you will find a notice board outside OWLS and FOXES class giving you more information about how we learn in YEAR 1.