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End of Summer Term 1 – Hakuna Matata learning adventure

We have almost reached the end of our first summer term learning adventure in year one. It has been a busy half-term for the children, a school trip, an exciting launch day and class assemblies. We have been thinking about how we learn best as individuals and have been setting ourselves goals. We have enjoyed learning some African chants, using instruments and hand movements to add interest to music pieces. We have continued to think about how to improve our health in P.E, strengthening our movement and co-ordination skills, we have even had a go at animal yoga! In English we wrote acrostic poems about safari animals and entered these into the, Young Writers Poetry Competition. We have also explored non-fiction texts and produced our own animal fact sheets. In Maths we have been using standard and non-standard units of measure when exploring capacity. We have also developed our understanding of place value and applied this to a range of contexts. In Art we produced some beautiful African themed paintings/drawings – our Tinga Art. Thank you to those children that have completed Home Learning this half term. We are looking forward to our next learning adventure.



Hakuna Matata – Learning adventure launch week

This week we have launched our new learning adventure, which the children have all really enjoyed. The children came into school on Monday ready with their teddy and rucksack to take a plane to Africa. They all had their own passports and tickets to be able to check into the Netley Abbey Airlines. Before the flight they had a safety announcement to listen to carefully. During the flight they had refreshments and when we landed it was very bumpy.

On Wednesday we went to Marwell Zoological Park, to explore all the African animals there and learn about their different habitats. In our workshop, children had the chance to explore the different reptiles in the room and different animal skins. We learnt about the different habitats that animals live in and how they survive. The children then had a chance to walk around the zoo finding all the African animals. All the learning we have done this week will be helping us in the rest of the learning adventure which we are all looking forward to.

End of Learning Adventure: Are We Nearly There Yet?

We have reached the end of our second Spring Term learning adventure in year one. It has been a busy half-term for the children, a local walk, a visit from the Life Bus, Scooter Training and a visit from the local Fire and Rescue Service and not forgetting Book Week. We have thought about our relationships with our friends; how to strengthen and maintain these. Our adventure has also allowed the children to become local detectives; finding out about our local area and why people might move to Netley. We’ve enjoyed unpicking the story, The Snail and the Whale; discussing story settings, journeys and making up our own stories. We’ve become super mathematicians; learning how to solve problems across all four of the maths operations. Our budding Scientists have also learnt some new terminology related to grouping animals so please quiz them on this! It was really lovely to see so many of you at our learning celebration this week – recreating models of Netley. Thank you for your continued support this term. Next term’s learning adventure is set to be packed full of exciting learning opportunities.

Phonics workshop 21st March 2017





Welcome Back!

This week we have really enjoyed getting to know our new classes and routines.  We have all shared our summer news and welcomed each other back.  We have also been introduced to Dojo points and have been working towards our first sticker (we have to get 10).   We have enjoyed our ‘class’ time at the end of the day and during this time we have been playing party games, drawing and dancing to music.

This week we have been learning about Claude and his ‘All at sea’ adventure.  We have been thinking and using the sounds we have learnt during phonics and writing about what Claude looks like.

Why don’t you ask us to describe him to you or draw you a picture?

During Maths we have been counting to 30 and back, really thinking about those ‘teen’ numbers!  We have been ordering numbers and using shapes to create pictures during explorer time.


We have really enjoyed our first week in Year 1!



WOW! What a week! 

This week we have been exploring new and different art concepts.  We have been experimenting with colour mixing and using pencils and pastels to create different textures and lines.  We are going to use these to draw self-portraits. Ask us what a portrait is…

We have read and been learning about a new book, ‘My Alien and Me’. This story has a funny twist.  Can you find it at the library?  In English we have been thinking about who our friends are and what they are like.  We have been practising writing sentences using finger spaces and full stops.  The children have been finding all full stops in their reading books and doing an action to show where they are. 

We have been counting up to 30 and have been looking at which numbers are more and less than a given number. 

We have had a brilliant week and can’t wait for the next learning adventure.



Week beginning 11th April 2016

We literally launched our new Learning Adventure ‘All Aboard’ as we made boats out of junk modelling. We had to apply our knowledge of materials for what would make a strong vessel. We will find out next week if we were successful in making our boats float or not! We watched the journey of the Little Boat and thought of WOW words to describe the journey in our own story. In PSHE we continued to think about the four main emotions of anger, sadness, fear and happiness and acted out a stealing scenario. In music we played our instruments loudly and quietly and learnt the ‘claves’ and ‘tambours’ as ‘real’ instrument names.

Week beginning 18th April 2016

This week we read the Snail and the Whale by Julie Donaldson…but the ending had blown away! Luckily we put our story writing skills to good use, and wrote our own ending. In maths we had numbers that had disappeared! We have been solving these missing number sentences by drawing out things we know – that addition can be done in any order. Some of us have used a bar method to help us see the balance of number sentences.

Probably the highlight of the week for everybody was our birthday celebrations for the Queen’s 90th. We all came dressed as princesses, knights, kings and queens to have a royal banquet. We sang the National Anthem and entered a competition for the Radio Times. Watch this space to see if any of us win!

Week beginning 31st  April 2016

We have been learning about the Titanic – Miss Plaw’s great granddad lost his life onboard. The Captain’s name was Edward J. Smith. There were four funnels, but one was fake! It was just there to make the ship look even better. The Titanic crashed into an ice-berg. You can only see a small amount of an ice-berg out of the water. It was bigger than our school.

In PSHE we have been thinking about the four main emotions and things that have made us feel happy, sad, angry or scared throughout the week. Geography is learning about places. We have been looking at the features of the landscape surrounding our school from an aerial view map. Drawing things from above was quite tricky!

Week beginning 13th June 2016

We have continued our amazing African Adventure! Since flying to Kenya and landing safely, we have learnt so much about Africa. To help us imagine the people and animals, we have listened to a ‘call and response’ chant from Western Africa called ‘Toom Bah Ee Lero’. We love singing along and keeping the Djemba drum beat. We have written riddles to describe African animals. Some of our clues included: I have spots. I can run very fast. We have heard a Tinga Tale story about Elephant, and how he got his trunk. We have drawn our own story maps to write our own Tinga Tales next week. In art we have painted a background for our Tinga animals to go on.


Week Beginning 5th January 2016 – Year 1 Blog

WOW… we are kick starting the year in a super way! The children were met in the corridor by images of the year one team transformed into superheroes. We all then came to school dressed as superheroes as we took part in a drama workshop. Our mission? To retrieve the crown jewels from the Evil Baron as we danced and moved our way through a superhero adventure. Ask us about the superhero named Bomb Blast (who saves the planet) or Whirly Woman (who spins super-fast). Using our super-vision helped us in our scientific observations of the seasonal changes in the outside environment – it’s so mild we even spotted some blossom on the trees! What super adventures are round the corner? Tune in next week to find out…

Week beginning 11th January 2016

Superhero Headquarters have asked for our help this week. We are using lots of teen numbers to stop the Evil Baron from stealing them all! We have also helped identify materials of objects in and around our school. Why is a watering can made of plastic? We read a book about Supertato. He is a superhero that comes to the rescue of vegetables in trouble, no thanks to the villain, Evil Pea! We retold the story, but as Superwriters, we created our own problems for Supertato to save the day. In RE we are thinking about people who are special to us. Family and friends are special because they look after us, make us laugh and love us.

Week beginning 18th January 2016

In RE we learnt that Jesus is a special person for Christians. We acted out a story from the Bible. We have been thinking about different times of the day by ordering Bear’s day and using morning, afternoon and evening words. Soon we will be making Superhero felt puppets, so we have been busy drawing and labelling our designs to include features such as capes and masks. We can’t wait to start making them!

Week beginning 25th January 2016

We used our designs from last week to make felt finger puppets. This involved lots of skills including cutting, sticking and drawing around templates. We have read a book by Mini Grey called ‘Traction Man is Here’. We made stick puppets to retell the story ready for our own super Traction Man adventures next week. We have already thought of some great adventures that Traction Man might go on. In maths we have been counting in 10s and telling the time on analogue clocks for o’clock and half past the hour.

Week beginning 1st February 2016

Traction Man went on some super adventures in our stories this week. We have also been thinking about Elastic Girl’s super-suit, and the best material for it to be made from. We all agreed it had to be stretchy, so tested lots of materials to find her the best one. Our Home Learning Projects have come in and the classrooms are full of wonderful creations! There are models, photoboards and stories showing adventures of our very own superheroes. We had great fun visiting Year 2’s fair to raise money for Citizens 4 Change.  Thank you Year 2 for all your hard work and fundraising.

Week beginning 22nd February 2016

We are now learning about real-life heroes and this week we have learnt lots about Florence Nightingale. We went on a trip to the Royal Victoria Country Park where she was a nurse at the hospital that was there in the past. We wrapped bandages, wrote postcards in ink and made badges to wear home. We have learnt about keeping safe on the internet and used the BBC site to learn more about Florence’s life. We cannot believe what the hospitals were like before she arrived to work in them, and how amazing it would have been to return home famous! In maths we have used numberlines to help us solve addition and subtraction problems, sometimes with missing numbers that we have had to work out!

Week beginning 29th February 2016

We started the week dressing up as our favourite book character for World Book Week. We have continued learning about Florence Nightingale and all she did to help the soldiers. The week ended with a train ride from Netley train station to Southampton Central! At Netley Station ‘Queen Victoria’ was there to greet us to mark the 150 year anniversary of the train line running. It was partly thanks to Florence working at the local hospital that the train ran to carry patients and supplies. Our Mummys, Aunties, Nanas and special ladies came in to make handprint butterflies to mark Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Week beginning 7th March 2016

We have found out so many interesting facts about Florence Nightingale that we have made our own information books this week. ‘Florence Nightingale’ visited our classroom and we asked her lots of questions. Our books and fact sheets have many of her answers that she told us. To help us understand arrays in multiplication we lined up soldiers which was fun! We went on the Life Bus where we met Harold the Giraffe. He talked to us about eating healthy food and those foods that should only be occasional treats.

Week beginning 14th March 2016

This week we have been bringing in our home learning all about real life heroes. Some of them were famous like Marie Curie, whilst others were closer to home, like mummys and daddys. In maths we have been finding quarters, and using pizza toppings to help us find ¼ of amounts. In PSHE we have carried on thinking about the four main emotions. Today is Sports’ Relief and we ran/ walked/ hopped or skipped a mile, Mrs McColm ran the whole way with us! Hopefully we have raised lots of money for charity whilst keeping fit. Year F have ducklings and Miss Stadward invited us to Otters Class to stroke them. They were lovely and cute!

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