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Year 2 We are Chocolatiers – Learning adventure summary

This week saw the end to our chocolate themed learning adventure and what a great adventure it has been.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and have learnt all about the characters.  They have written some great character descriptions and have spent the final week creating acrostic poems about a character of their choice.  They were really keen to design and make their own chocolates during this adventure so when we received a letter from the Wonka factory asking them to design a new chocolate for the company, it was the perfect opportunity to get creative.  They have used their designed skills to make a rice cripsies cake, created the packaging for it and then wrote the recipe of how to make it.  The adventure ended this week with our learning celebration where the children hosted a cake and bake sale of all of the lovely chocolate treats they made as part of their home learning.  It was hugely successful and raised over £200 for charities selected by the children.  Thank you to both the children and their families for supporting us in our cake sale – it was very much appreciated and has allowed the children to help others less fortunate than themselves.

We are chocolatiers – Learning Adventure Launch week

This week we launched our new learning adventure with a bang! The children came into school dressed up as characters from the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There were some great costumes and a huge amount of effort had been put into making the children look so like the characters, we even had a chocolate bar come to school! We spent the day immersing ourselves in the story and getting to know the characters ready for our learning this half-term. We received a special parcel from the Wonka factory which had some small samples of chocolate we had to taste to help the factory decide which type of chocolate they should use for their new products. We completed a taste test review to let the factory know our thoughts. We spent the afternoon applying our team tiger skills from last half-term when we worked in small groups to design the packaging and advertising for a new Wonka factory product. All of the learning we have completed this week is going to help us in this learning adventure which we are very much looking forward to. We are hoping to have a visit from a real-life chocolatier – please see the letter which is due home this week.

Year 2 Fit for Life – Learning adventure summary

What an exciting adventure we have had!  Over the last 5 weeks, we have learnt what we need to do to keep fit and healthy, learnt about the different types of food groups and how to eat a balanced diet and met a real-life footballer!  Our English was centred around the story of Ogden, an oversized ogre who needed our help to get fit and healthy.  We wrote letters to him and planned our own science investigations to see which exercise would be the best ones for him to do to get his heart working hard.  Part way through our adventure, we were very lucky to have a visit from Bournemouth FC footballer, Andy Surman, who came and spent the morning with us, answering our questions and taking us outside for a football drill.  He even signed a personal autograph for all of us.  We ended our adventure by hosting a skills festival, similar to the one we started our adventure with, to the children in Year R so we could teach them ways to keep fit and healthy.  It was a really lovely morning and both year groups thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was lovely to see the older children helping the younger children learn a new fitness skill.  One child in year 2 commented afterwards how ‘being a teacher is hard work!’  It was good for the year 2's to experience having this responsibility to teach others.  We have thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and are looking forward to the next one.


Week beginning 5th September 2016 – Year 2 blog

We have reached the end of our very first week in Year Two and it has been an exciting start to the school year.  We began the week by talking about how we would make sure that we have a happy and positive time in year 2 so we made class charters to help us create some rules for our classes about how we will behave, treat each other and work together.  We all signed these with a painted handprint to say we agreed and would follow these rules.  We spent time sharing all of our holiday news and wrote postcards to Claude, the character we met at the end of year 1 and told him all about our holidays because he kindly sent us a postcard all about his.  We have also been very busy this week thinking about how to be a good friend this year and have decided on some of the qualities we want to see in our friends and that we will show to each other.  We ended the week enjoying some team games where we had to use our Team Tiger skills.

Week beginning 12th September 2016 – year 2 blog

We are now in our second week of year 2 and we have all been very busy doing lots of different learning. We have started to do whole class learning and the children have been producing lots of work. For example, in Maths we have been looking at ordering and comparing two digit numbers and we have linked this to our current topic of Claude. In English we have been learning about nouns and adjectives and then have been writing sentences to describe ourselves. Then e all learnt how to lay out a letter and what we needed to include. After, some of the children wrote a letter describing themselves, family members and pets. The children learnt the layout of a letter and then have written a letter to describe themselves. Other children within the class played ‘classmate bingo’ and described children in their class. We have also looked at feelings in our PSHE and have talked about how we felt when we first came into year 2 and we talked about how we deal with different emotions. We have been looking at personal skills in PE and our gymnastics to see how we can help others in the lessons and evaluate their performances. Finally, in RE we have been learning about different beliefs of the creation story.


End of our first learning adventure ‘through the keyhole’ –

WB 17th October 2016

We have reached the end of our very first learning adventure in year two.  It has been a busy half-term for the children settling into Year 2 and making new friends in their classes.  We have done lots of learning about how we are going to make sure we make the best of our time in Year 2 and started the term by creating class charters.  We have thought about being good friends to each other and looking after our friends.  Our adventure has seen the children become authors when they created their own versions of the traditional tale ‘The three little pigs’, become super mathematicians as they have been learning how to solve problems across all four of the maths operations and have become scientists when they tested the best materials to use to build a house from.  It was really lovely to see so many of you at our learning celebration this week to share with the children the successes they have had this half-term and we look forward to seeing you for the next one when the children will have completed yet more fantastic learning.



Week 11th April 2016

We have had a very busy first week back, launching straight into our new learning adventure, ‘We are Chocolatiers’.  We began the week receiving a letter from Wonka Industries, asking us to taste test some different chocolate to help them with their designs for some upcoming chocolate bars.  We each tasted a sample of milk, dark and white chocolate and then wrote chocolate review explaining which one we liked the most.  We have been listening to the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory all week and have begun thinking about a mystery sixth ticket and have designed a brand new character to add to Roald Dahl’s famous book.  We will eventually be writing a whole chapter about them and their experiences at the chocolate factory.  Next week sees our rocket seeds arriving from Tim Peake’s mission into space.  They have been on the International Space Station with Tim and are now on their way to our school for us to do some very important scientific work with to see if being in space affects a seed’s growth.  This week, we reminded ourselves what plants need to grow and set up our own investigation to see what happens when you don’t give a plant sunlight or water.  We will be observing these seeds carefully throughout the next few weeks to see what happens.




Week 18th April 2016

On Monday this week our rocket seeds arrived!  These are the seeds which have been in space with Tim Peake on his space mission.  We have been specially selected along with other schools to grow the seeds from space to see if their time in space has affected them.  We also have been sent another packet of seeds which haven’t been in space; however we do not know which is which.  WE all got the chance this week to plant two of the seeds and we will keep watching and making careful observations over the coming weeks ready to report back our findings.  As part of the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations this week, we have been learning all about the different roles and duties the Queen has.  We designed a job advert to show these many different roles.  We have also written letters to the Queen to wish her a very happy birthday.  We are going to be sending these letters to Her Majesty and we are very excited to see if she is able to reply.  In English, we have continued looking at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and have created a brand new machine for the invention room. 

Week 25th April 2016

This week we have been pulling together all of our hard work on writing great descriptions about our new character and setting for our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory chapters.  The children have been imagining what it would be like to be their new character going into the room where the new machine makes the sweets.  They have planned their new chapter and have written great new chapters, making sure they have used great adjectives and similes to make their writing interesting.  In maths we have been using addition and subtraction skills learnt to solve problems. We have been estimating whether we have enough money to buy two items from Willy Wonka’s chocolate shop and then calculating how much it will cost altogether and what the change will be.  We have also been continuing number sequences which count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and explaining what the sequence was counting in.  In Geography, we have been learning about where chocolate comes from. We searched on a map to find where the cacao trees grow and where the country is in relation to the equator.  We then tracked the journey the cacao seeds have to take to be turned into chocolate which we can buy in our shops.  We all had a great time using the bouncy slide from Solent Sports for our school CLIC treat.


Week beginning 3rd May 2016

This week has been a truly memorable week for all of Year 2.  We have had an amazing time at Calshot Activity Centre.  We have been busy working on teambuilding and independence whilst enjoying all sorts of new activities.  We loved trying out skiing on the dry ski slope, it was hard work learning to get up the slope on our skis but we all made it in the end after lots of encouragement from friends and perseverance.  The slide down the hill on the skis made it really worth it though!  We also had great fun sitting in the big rubber rings Ringos and sliding down the hill on them too.  Another new activity for some of us was having a go on the climbing wall.  We had to really work as a team with one pulling the rope up to assist the climber and the other guiding the end of the rope away so it didn’t get tangled.  We all took turns and challenged ourselves to get as far up the wall as we could.  Some of us were a bit nervous but managed it with the help of our friends.  After busy activities, we enjoyed a great meal together before playing team games with the staff from Calshot before getting ready for bed.  All of Year 2 were well behaved and after a very busy day were more than ready for their bed!

Week 10th May 2016

What a busy week we’ve had!  Last week’s exciting trip has been put to good use as we have been using all of our fabulous experiences to write leaflets about it.  We all made a great effort to make Calshot sound just as good as it was and really persuade other schools to visit.  This gave us lots of opportunities to use those exclamation sentences!  We have also had some Year 3 children over to say hello to our classes.  We had a chance to ask lots of questions about the junior school to get to know them a little better.  In our Maths this week we have been learning how to measure mass, capacity and length.  We helped Mr Wonka by working out how much his ingredients weighed altogether.  Then we found our knowledge of counting patterns came in really handy to help us read the scales on measuring equipment.   Finally, we had loads of fun seeing how far we could jump, and learning how to compare and measure our jumps accurately.

Week beginning 16th May 2016

This week Year 2 have been busy designing and making our own original chocolates.  The first thing we did was to look at the market research from our Maths homework.  We thought it would be clearer to see the results if we presented it differently so we used the data to create graphs on Purple Mash.  Then we analysed and interpreted these graphs to find out the most popular combinations of ingredients for our own chocolates.  We took all this into account when we designed them and we also thought about the best kind of packaging we could use.  In the end we decided to design and make 3D boxes for them with our own logos.   We even created and delivered our own super sales pitches inspired by Dragon’s Den!  How exciting that we have invented our own chocolates, just like Willy Wonka!  We can’t wait to taste them!


Week beginning 6th June 2016

It was great to welcome everyone back after the half term with our exciting launch day for our Amazing Animals learning adventure.  We jumped into the day by being real Team Tigers and working together in pairs or small groups to create a collage of a jungle animal.  The children created 2D or 3D collage animals using photographs to look carefully at the colours and textures which they needed to re-create.  Later that day, the children wrote riddles, using extended noun phrases to add more detail.  In Maths, we have been revising fractions.  The children have used shapes to show their understanding of ½, 1/3 and ¼ and then how they could show 2/4 or 2/3.  Our English sessions have been great fun as we learn the Story Monkey See, Monkey Do, complete with actions to help us to remember it.  They have then used descriptive language to describe the forest in which the story is set.  In art, we have studied a painting by the famous artist Henri Rousseau and then focussed on one small part of the painting to carefully draw that part, looking carefully at the lines, colours and textures.  This was finally put together as a class to re-create the final masterpiece.


Week beginning 13th June 2016

This week has been a busy week with lots of exciting learning!  In English, we have been innovating the story we have learnt of Monkey see, Monkey do.  We have changed the character and what they were selling and the children have worked hard on using expanded noun phrases and different sentence types to make their own story version more interesting.  In maths, we have been practising sharing and grouping numbers, based on the story we have learnt in English.  The children have drawn grids to help them to find out the answer and have tried hard to write the inverse multiplication number sentence.  Our ICT sessions have been revisiting programming the Beebots to make journeys to visit different animals at the zoo.  The children planned the route, wrote the algorithm for the Beebot to get there and then tested it out.  They showed great resilience in solving the problem and worked effectively as Team Tigers when working with their partner.  In science, we have been discussing and sorting things which are alive, things which are dead and things which were never alive.  The children then gave reasons for their sorting.


Week beginning 20th June 2016

This week has been a busy week with lots of exciting learning!  In English, we have been sequencing a story from pictures and adding good adjectives.  We then wrote character descriptions about the main character, using the good adjectives to create expanded noun phrases we thought of.   In maths, we have been estimating and reasoning which answer would be correct and why.  We have also been practising partitioning numbers in different ways and investigating different ways of making an amount.  Our Sports week has been great fun with the children trying out ballet, multi skills, Taekwondo and tennis.  We have found out about the Olympic values and what qualities an Olympian needs to be successful.  We thought about how they might look and whether that was important to their ability to be an Olympian.


Week 27th June 2016

This week, we have been inventing our brand new stories based on the picture book Tuesday by David Weisner.   This is a book full of lovely pictures about a frog who, one Tuesday evening, sets off on an adventure.  There is only one sentence in the entire book so we have been working hard to create the story to run alongside the pictures.  We created our own story maps this week, ordering the pictures in the order we thought made the most sense and then wrote them using all of our best story language and description.  In maths we have been revisiting how to solve addition and subtraction word problems using a number line and have been working hard to present our workings-out clearly and neatly.  In both English and maths, we have been working in our brand new exercise books from the Junior school, ready for when we start in September.  We have been doing really well getting used to a new book and have produced some of our neatest learning.  As we get closer to our move to the Juniors, we have been thinking about how best to cope with change and the things we want to make sure that we improve for the better in Year 3.  We have also been using fun pieces of equipment in computing this week when we got to work with Lego to build animals and control them using the computer.  We built an animal and then connected it to the laptop and controlled it by following a simple programme.


Week beginning 4th July 2016

We are nearly at the end of Year 2 but have had a great week as we think back about our time in Year 2 and think ahead about life in Year 3.  Of course our main event was going over to the Junior school to meet our Year 3 teachers and see our new classrooms.  It was really exciting and generated lots of good questions.  We have based our English around the story The Big Bag of Worries, so discussed out worries and wrote them down so that we could then write down how we could help each other to solve them.  We have also thought about our best memories of being Year 2 and wrote our best memories down to share with each other.  We have designed memory boxes in which we can add our best memories to.  In maths, we have been measuring length, capacity and mass. We have practised measuring accurately and reading scale as well as answering questions about what we had found out. 



Week beginning 11th July 2016

As it is getting to the end of the year we have been thinking about our favourite memories of Year Two. We had great fun remembering and discussing our favourite learning adventures, school trips and funny moments. We then used all our ideas to create a ‘Memories Poem’. Later in the week we all had the chance to watch the Year 6’s leaving production at the Junior School – we were really impressed with how fantastic it was. On Friday we thought about why God is important to Christians. To end our week we had our Leaver’s Party which was great fun and enjoyed by all.



Week Beginning 3rd January 2016

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  We have been writing letters this week after we received an email from Tim Peake.  He told us about his Christmas on the ISS and wanted to find out more about ours so we wrote letters to him all about the fun we had over the festive period.  On Wednesday, we began our new learning adventure, Through the Keyhole, where we will be exploring the local area and comparing it to a typical African village.  We spent the morning experiencing what it would be like to live in a typical village where the local community are less fortunate than our own.  We built dens, took part in a water collecting challenge and learnt how to make a type of bread.  In the afternoon we began planning our charity fundraising day which will form our learning adventure celebration at the beginning of February – more information to follow soon.  In Maths, we have learnt the properties of 3D shapes and will be using this knowledge next week to create 3d maps of the area. 




Week beginning 11th January 2016

Year 2 have really been on a journey this week!  On Monday we all went out to walk around our local area so that we could describe what Netley is like to others.  We discussed the different types of houses and what they were made from, the road names and other landmarks such as the church, shops and care home.  Back at school we have made 3D maps using our knowledge of 3D shapes to make the buildings.  We drew on the roads, added our 3D buildings and designed a simple map key.  In literacy, we have been busy talking out our local area and making notes about it so that we could then use our notes to write a letter to Emma, a little girl in Africa. We told her about Netley and asked her questions about what her  local area is like.  In maths we have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers on structured and unstructured number lines by partitioning the 10’s and 1’s and showing a jump of 0 when adding the 10. 

Year 2 website blurb – week commencing 18th January 2016


This week Year 2 have been comparing Netley and places in Kenya and discussing how they are different. We have found out about Kenyan villages  and discussed what the houses are like and whether we would like to live there.  We also looked at photos of a Kenyan city and were very surprised to learn that there are big cities with lovely big houses in Africa too.  We have learnt that Kenya is part of the continent of Africa and that the reason it is so hot there is because it is close to the equator.  In maths we have been continuing to use our skills of adding and subtracting using a structured or unstructured number line to solve problems.  We have practised counting on and back in tens and then adding or subtracting the ones. In English we have been studying the story of the Three Little Pigs and used this to write descriptions of the houses and how they compare.  We have also discussed how we can change the story to another setting with different animals, ready to write an alternative version of the story in the next couple of weeks.

Week Beginning 25th January 2016

This week we began our science related learning, exploring different materials and their properties.  We then looked more closely at each one and thought about the best uses for these materials to understand more about why certain materials are used for certain products.  We are going to be helping Emma, the child we were introduced to in Africa at the start of our learning adventure, solve a problem: she needs to find a way to stop her ice lollies melting on the journey back from the town to her home.  We decided that wrapping the ice lolly in a material might help so we have come up with ways to test different materials to find out which one is the best.  In English, we have been thinking about our characters and writing questions we would like to ask them.  We then wrote the answers by putting ourselves into the role of our characters and created some super upper writing!  In Maths, we have been using money to make different amounts and have practised adding together items, some of us have even been practising how to work out the change.  We are looking forward to our trip next week to Burseldon Brickwork Museum and a special sewing project that we will be completing over the next two weeks.



Week beginning 1st February

What a fantastic week we have had! Our trip to Bursledon Brickworks Museum was a huge success and a thoroughly enjoyable day out for all (adults included!)  The children got to see how bricks are made and then got to make one of their own.  These are going to be fired in the museums kilns and will be returned to school over the next few weeks for the children to keep as a souvenir of their day out.  It was a rather messy day with the children getting fully involved with making bricks and different types of houses made out of straw, wood and mud.  Back at school, the children have been continuing their excellent story writing, creating a brand new story based on the traditional tale of ‘the Three Little Pigs’.  They have started to make their characters out of felt and will be learning some basic sewing skills next week to complete them.  In science, we have investigated different materials to help stop an ice lolly from melting too quickly and have been learning how to read measuring scales in maths.  Six representatives from year2 also visited Netley Court Care Home this week and worked with the staff and residents on Dignity Action Day, learning how to make sure people are treated with respect and care.  They helped to create dignity handprints which have been added to the care homes dignity tree.  Our charity fundraising day is on Friday and we will give you an update on how this went in next week’s blog post.


Week beginning 22nd February 2016

We started this week with a fantastic launch day for our new Learning Adventure – ‘Survival of the Fittest’. First we went into the hall and practised different physical skills with volunteers from Solent Sport. We really enjoyed challenging ourselves to jump as far as we could and throwing beanbags into targets to score points. Later in the day we had the chance to taste a range of fruit. Pineapple was extremely popular across the three classes but not many people were keen on grapefruit. As the week has gone on we have written newspaper articles to inform the rest of school about our launch day. Furthermore, in Science this week we carried out an investigation to help Net and Lee answer their question: Do taller people always have bigger feet? In small groups we designed an experiment and carried out. We then fed back our findings to the rest of the class.

Week Beginning 29th February 2016

This week has been our school book week which has been focused all around the theme of trains to link in with the 150th anniversary of the train link between Netley and Woolston.  In Year 2, we have focused on the extract from the book Harry Potter, where Harry arrives at the station looking for the platform 9 and ¾ ready to travel to Hogwarts.  The children have really enjoyed watching this short clip from the film and imagine how Harry would have been feeling.  They have written some excellent diary entries as if they were him.  In our science this week, we looked closely at the part of the story where Harry meets Ron on the train and they share a feast of food.  We decided the food was particularly unhealthy as it was mainly sweets and treats so we designed a new lunch for either Harry or Ron so that it was a more balanced meal.  We have learnt about the five main food groups and used this to help us make our choices.  We continued with our art project to create a whole class picture of the famous painting my Giuseppe Arcimboldo by each taking a small piece of it and then copying it exactly on a larger scale.  These aren’t quite finished yet but we are looking forward to fitting all the pieces together to make one whole portrait.  Of course, all of this was after our fantastic book week launch day on Monday where we were so pleased to see the children come in dressed as some of their favourite book characters.

Week beginning 7th March 2016

This week we have been continuing our adventure learning how to be fit and healthy and have read a really exciting funny book called ‘The Yoga Ogre’ by Peter Bently.  Some of our Year 2 went and met Peter Bently with the book club on Thursday and were lucky enough to get signed autographs.  We are currently writing a book review about this story which we hope to share with him at a later date.  In maths, we are becoming much better at recalling our times tables and division facts.  By Easter, we hope to have lots of the children completing these for their Around the World number Passport challenge.  We have used ICT this week to sort different animals and have learnt how to create a branching database using Purple Mash.  We practised writing questions which only had ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as an answer and then worked with a friend to create our database.  This was done using the app on Purple Mash called 2Question which can be accessed by the children at home so have a look and see if you can create some more at home.  We continued our animal theme in science where we thought about the different needs of animals and how these are similar to humans.  We created posters to show we understood these needs. 



Week beginning 14thth March 2016

This week, we have been continuing our learning about how to stay fit and healthy.  We have started our preparations for our learning celebration next week where we look forward to our families joining us to see what we have been up to in this learning adventure.  We have planned our own fruit salads which we will be making next week.  We received two letters this week from Ogden the Ogre who asked us to write to some sports stars to find out what they do to keep so fit and healthy.  He also asked us to find out which exercise would be the best for him to do to raise his heart rate to help burn lots of energy and get fitter.  The children have written back to Ogden with the results from the science investigations.  They are in the process of writing to their chosen sports star to find out more information about how to stay fit and healthy for Ogden.  The children are doing so well learning their times tables and have been using them in Maths this week to solve some multiplication and division problems.



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