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Year R Learning Adventures




In Year R we aim to make learning  irresistible by encouraging children to engage with learning in varied ways. Learning takes place in many different areas across the "WOODLANDS" base, that support learning in the seven areas of the Early Years Curriculum.


 The children have a balance of guided activities and also child initiated activities, which are developed around the children's interests and are reviewed by the adults on a daily basis.  Some times we set up an engaging activity where the teacher may guide the learning and the children choose when to visit this activity. We also go to the children where they are comfortable and learning through their play (Discovery Time) to extend their knowledge and skills by skilful questioning and discussion. In addition to these times, the children will take part in whole class time and small groups and this is introduced when we feel it will enhance the children's learning.


We focus on a skill a day and the children visit the three classrooms within our base, so they can experience all the different areas of the curriculum. Alongside this skill a day we also focus on the PRIME areas which are  personal, social, and emotional development, communication and language and physical development, which are promoted in all the children's learning.


The children will be introduced to our Learning Characters, as detailed in the school's Learning and Teaching Policy, (IN POLICIES AND REPORTS SECTION) which cover the characteristics of effective learning as detailed in the Early Years Foundation Curriculum. The first few Learning Characters the children will meet are Resilient Rhino, Team Tigers, Emotions Elephant and Intelligence Iguanas.


Please come and visit us and take part in our WOODLAND LEARNING ADVENTURES.