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Year R Autumn 2 2017

The Deep Dark Woods

This week we launched our new learning adventure with a walk through the woods. On our return we found that Goldilocks had left us some porridge oats and asked us how to make porridge. We all enjoyed making porridge and most of us, when we tasted it, thought it was just right!

We are looking forward to learning about stories that have a deep dark wood as their setting, retelling and acting out stories and counting with a woodland theme. Have you read any books set in the deep dark woods?

We will be meeting Emotions Elephant who will help us learn about feelings. Our British value for this learning adventure is mutual respect and tolerance

Year R Autumn 1 2017

Dinosaur Roar!

What a great learning adventure Dinosaur Roar has been! It started with the children finding lots of dinosaur footprints on the playground causing great excitement and curiosity. The children found ways to help dinosaurs escape from icy eggs. They’ve been dinosaur hunters searching for dinosaurs in our outdoor area, reporting back by walkie talkie and recording their finds by photographing them. The children learnt a short version of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs and thought about ways to change it. We had fantastic ideas of toys that could be found to go in the bucket such as robots and unicorns, what would you put in your bucket? There have been lots of mark making and writing opportunities with a dinosaur theme to explore. In maths the children have compared dinosaurs and dinosaur bones by their size. We all enjoyed our learning celebration when the children took their adults on a dinosaur hunt. There were lots of different dinosaurs hiding in all sorts of places. The children used positional language such as behind, under and next to when explaining where they found the dinosaurs. Thank you to everyone who came to join in the fun. Lots of you found more than 20 dinosaurs and some found more than 25!


Summer Term 1

Ready Steady Grow

Are you ready for our new learning adventure? It’s all about growing! We’ve had a great launch week. On Monday some eggs arrived. They are being kept warm in an incubator. What is growing inside? What will hatch out? We shared our ideas about these questions. Could they be dinosaurs, snakes, chicks or rabbits? These were just a few of our suggestions. What do you think will hatch out of the eggs?

The learning character for this adventure is Asking Ant. We thought about what we want to find out and asked some questions including “What are baby animals called?” and “How do baby rabbits grow?” We found out that baby spiders are called spiderlings and baby rabbits are called kittens. We also learnt that when baby rabbits are born they can’t see or hear.

On Friday we went on a school trip to the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens. Our British Value for this half term is the Rule of Law so we thought about some special rules to keep us safe on our trip and made sure we wore our seat belts on the coach. We had a great day. We learnt lots of things about growing. We acted out the life cycle of a flower starting off as little seeds. We also found out why not all the seeds that are planted grow. We walked through the gardens and saw lots of different plants growing. In the Vegetable patch we saw onions, carrots and beans growing. In the herb garden we found plants with lots of different smells. We made a caterpillar by collecting tiny pieces of scented plants and sticking them on to a caterpillar card. We all had a go at pond dipping and found lots of creatures that grow in water. Some of us even found some newts!

It has been a great start to our new learning adventure what will we learn about growing next?


            Kippers Tremendous Toybox


During this learning adventure we focused on the author Mick Inkpen. We enjoyed reading some of his books, especially the ones with Kipper in. We even had our own ‘Kipper’s Tremendous Toy box’ where Kipper put things in it to send to us. What would you like to find inside a toy box? One day we came to school and some old toys had appeared in Kipper’s toy box. We observed these carefully and compared them to the toys we play with. Then we became authors and wrote a new Kipper story about him finding some old toys and the adventure he had with them. We put it into a book and made sure to add illustrations. In Maths we enjoyed helping Kipper count his toys and learnt the words ‘estimate’, ‘more’ and ‘fewer’. Kipper wanted a new friend so it was very exciting when we got a pet at school that we had to help him look after. We wrote instructions to let others know how to look after the fish, as well as other animals. We also had a visit from Rocky the tortoise and learnt how his family look after him. Last week we ended our learning adventure with a visit to Netley Library. We took some of the writing we had done during the learning adventure to the library as well as the Kipper book we wrote as a class. Have you been to the library before?

Year R Learning Adventure Autumn 2

Christmas 2016

The end of term was very busy in the lead up to Christmas. We all enjoyed our decorating afternoon. Thank you to everyone who came to help us. The school looked amazing when all our decorations were put up. We also learnt and practised our Christmas play and all the songs and made Christmas cards and calendars for our families. There was time for some maths too. We continued to develop our understanding of the conservation of number (the number of objects stays the same even if we move them around) and learnt about partitioning by putting decorations on two Christmas trees in different ways. The shepherds also managed to lose their sheep. We had to look for them and explain where they were found using positional language. We also had fun making up some festive nursery rhymes based on those we know.

The final week of term was lots of fun.

On Monday we performed our dress rehearsal for some of the children from Netley Abbey pre-school and Woodland Owls. It was great for us to see some familiar faces. We made Christmas hats to wear for our delicious Christmas dinner. We also went to see Year Two’s Christmas performance and they sang beautifully!

We were very excited on Tuesday and a bit nervous as we performed the Nursery rhyme nativity to our families. We looked fantastic in our costumes!

On Friday we all went to a special Christmas assembly and Father Christmas came! We decorated biscuits to have with our snack. They were delicious! A bit later on Father Christmas came and visited us in our classrooms and brought us some presents to share. Thank you Father Christmas. We had fun playing party games all together in the hall and then played pass the parcel in our classrooms.

What a fantastic end to our first term at school!


Nursery Rhyme Mix Up                                

   Nursery Rhyme Mix Up started with a visit from Maraca Jacks. We had great fun singing and dancing to different nursery rhymes. Mother Goose wrote letters asking us to help the nursery rhyme characters. Incy Wincy wanted us to measure different drain pipes to find the longest for him to go down. After changing the words to nursery rhymes to create our own we performed them to our friends. We have been listening carefully to the initial sounds in words to write our own versions of a nursery rhyme. Nursery Rhyme Mix Up ended with a party where we dressed up as nursery rhyme characters and had a fashion show.


SUM1 Wk1


People, plants and places is our new learning adventure and we have been thinking about being on a farm this week. We listened to the story of Farmer Duck and made him some tools for the farm using Papier Mache as part of a team.  Do you have any tools you use at home? With the farm visiting next week we thought of questions that we could ask when they are here. We wonder what animals may visit, can you think of any? When exploring number this week we have thought carefully about ordering the numbers and what we know about the number.


Week Beginning 18th April 2016


This week has been really exciting and busy.  As part of our learning adventure, on Tuesday Millers’ Ark Animal Farm brought lots of animals to the school field.  We were able to touch and stroke the animals and also learnt their names.  There were lots of different farm animals, including a pig called Mischief who loved having his tummy tickled and who fell asleep and snored very loudly.  We wrote about what we saw and learnt at the farm for Mrs Head.  We have also been learning all about the Queen.  We enjoyed dressing up and having the banquet in the hall.  Ask us a question about the Queen and her family.  We have been talking about that a lot!



Week beginning 11th January 2016.

  This term we have started our new topic ‘Frozen World’ with a visit from the Explorer Dome. The children experienced what it was like to be in different environments including the Arctic and a Rainforest.

At the end of last week we looked at photos of cold environments then used our ideas to turn the Woodland base into a frozen world with icicles dripping in one area and ice palace and an ice cream parlour.

This week we have been exploring ice. We have looked at it, touched it and described it. We watched the ice over a day to see what happened to it.

Year R Blog Week Beginning 18th January

This week we have been looking at the animals that live in cold places. We used the computer to find facts about polar bears and penguins. Then we wrote our facts.

In maths we have been estimating. We had to estimate how many penguins were on the iceberg.

We have been learning some new sounds on phonics. This week we learnt ‘ee’ and last week ‘ay’. We have found, Fred talked and had a go at writing words with these sounds in them.

Week Beginning Monday 25th January 2016

This week we have been very busy. We found two ‘large white eggs’ and have been trying to guess what will come out of them. We drew pictures and had a go at writing down our ideas.

We have been very creative trying to mix colours with paint. We thought about the colours that you see at the Arctic and Antarctic.

In Maths we have been looking at patterns. We looked around the classroom for patterns and then created our own patterns on scarves.

Week Beginning 1st February 2016

This week we have been learning a dance using pictures from ‘Frozen’ to create our moves. We have reviewed our topic and had a go at writing our favourite fact. We thought about our favourite polar animal then either painted it or used pastels. We have looked at the fantastic home learning that has come in and shared it with all the class.


Week beginning 22nd February 2016

We had a very exciting start to this term when Splat circus came to school. We had a go at juggling, plate spinning and balancing on a step pedalo. We made flowers with scarves and a pyramid with our bodies. We hope to improve our circus skills throughout the term. We painted pictures of circus performers, talked about our own talents and made clown faces.

Week beginning 7th March 2016

Over the last two weeks we have been thinking about the performers at the circus. We talked about having a healthy diet and sorted food appropriately! We have continued to develop our circus skills using balls and hoops. In maths we have been ordering objects by length – shortest to longest. We worked in groups to make models of the circus which we have used in the small world area.


Week beginning 21st March

We have had an exciting time over the last two weeks with the arrival of three ducklings. We enjoyed looking at them, seeing them turn fluffy then waddling around the classroom! They have now gone back to the farm.

In literacy we have used story maps to make up our own stories and then had a go at writing them. We made puppets to help tell our stories.

We have been adding groups of objects together in maths and solving problems to do with addition.

This week we have been thinking about Easter. We read the Easter story, made Easter baskets, made chocolate nests and the Easter bunny even turned up!



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